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      FAQ’s Page

      + - Basic questions about crystals?

      So if crystals are an energetic being, how do I choose the right one for myself? Can I choose the wrong one? How do I take care of my crystal? … This and probably a few more questions are basic questions that most beginners in the crystal journey ask themselves. So we are going to try to answer some of the main questions here in this blog.

      + - How to choose a crystal?

      When it comes to choosing a crystal for yourself there are many ways you can do this. Firstly and one of the most common ways to choose a crystal is that you go into a crystal shop and you choose one that feels best to you. So firstly it is about feeling, so how do make you crystal feel, do you feel anything when you hold it in your hand, do you feel any sensation, do you feel joy,… So the feeling is the first way you can choose a crystal. Feelin its energy and discover if it suits you. But before feeling there is a look. Since you don't come into a crystal shop and accidentally touch a crystal that means you have to be drawn to it before you decided to touch it. Yes, crystals will call you and you will see them first before you feel them by touch. So sight is another way you are choosing a crystal. Mostly the crystal that draws your attention by sight will also be the one that is the most appropriate for you at that time or said in other words, the one crystal that pops out when you look at crystals is the one which energy you probably need the most at that time.


      And there is another way you can choose a crystal for yourself. You can let an intuitive person choose it for you. This could be someone you know and knows you or a seller that is also very good at communicating with crystals and will ask which crystal wants to work with you at that time. If you have a small child you can also let your child choose a crystal for you. Children are very intuitive beings until some age when school kinda indoctrinates that listening intuition is not good. And you can also choose your crystal by astrological sign if you prefer that way.


      So either you choose it by sight, feeling, you let anyone else choose it for you or you choose it by astrological signs it doesn't matter since all ways are good since, in the end, the crystal will choose you.

      + - Can I choose the wrong crystal for myself?

      For this question, there is a simple answer. No, you can't choose the wrong crystal for yourself. As we said crystal which energy you need most will choose you to assist you in your time of need. So don't worry, you can't choose the wrong crystal for yourself. But if you are still doubting yourself and that you could choose the wrong one you can always consult with a crystal therapist or any crystal expert that works with crystals that can advise you which crystal to choose to help you on your way.

      + - I lost my crystal what now?

      As we said crystals are energetic beings that are here to help us on our path. So when we lose a crystal that means that the energy of that crystal is not needed anymore at that time. Many times we find that crystal after a while, but even if we don't, it is not something bad, crystal just knew we don't need his energy anymore and so he went to find someone that needs it. Mostly they stay close to us so if we need them we will find them again. Most interesting is that if we lose a crystal we pay attention to what changed in our life and later if we find it again we direct attention again to what is happening with us at this time so we can see which challenges this crystal assists us with.

      + - My crystal or crystal jewelry broke, what now?

      When crystal breaks it could be only one of two reasons why this happened. So firstly it could just mean that we were a bit clumsy and we dropped it on the floor or bang in with some other object. But secondly, it can mean that the crystal absorbed energy to protect us and so it broke. So sometimes we are meant to be exposed to something bad and crystals can take this to themselves to protect us from that energy. Since they take that energy to protect us they break or get dark (this is especially typical for clear quartz. When quartz saves us from something it either breaks or gets dark). So if anything of this happens what to do with that crystal then? There is two option for what to do. One is to glue it together and the second is that we show respect and gratitude for what that crystal has done for us and saved us from something and we put it back to where he comes from. We bury it in nature in the soil to return it to its source of creation. But if you glue it together you absolutely need to cleanse that crystal really well before next use. We stand for the second option where you show respect and gratitude and return the crystal to Mother Earth.

      + - Where do I put my crystal when I am not using it?

      This depends on how much space you have in your home and how big a crystal you have. If you have a really big space crystal then you have it in that space on the same spot all the time and you go to the crystal to do meditations,… but if you have a smaller crystal then you can have it somewhere near you on a special place you create for your crystal. So for example you can create a small spiritual altar that has every spiritual stuff you use on. So you have your crystal there and when you work with it you take it and afterward put it back. But if you don't want to have that kind of space in your home, you can always have it on some shelf or near your bed. Always remember that with crystals you always listen to your intuition since crystal will speak to you through your inner voice to tell you where he wants to be.

      + - Can multiple people use the same crystal?

      Crystals tend to pick up vibrations when we are working with them. That is why we need to cleanse them regularly. So to answer if multiple people can use the same crystal I must sadly say no. The only way multiple people can use the same crystal is if you cleanse it after each person, but still, it is not a good idea since the crystal won't be able to get connected to anyone. So only one person uses and touches the crystal. If your crystal gets touched by someone else be sure to cleanse it afterward so it can normally interact just with your energy.

      + - Where to place a crystal in the room?

      Placing a big crystal in a room is a good idea since the entire room will be able to benefit from its energy. So where to place it? It depends on which room you put it in. Mostly central space of the room is the best position, but if you don't have space in the center of the room, you can put it in any corner. When you are placing crystals in the room, consider their energy, so don't place a crystal that gives lots of energy and keeps you awake in the bedroom since it can disrupt your sleep. Here I created some suggestions for what you can put in the bedroom and living room.

      Bedroom: crystals that calm such as Amethyst, Rose quartz, Celestite, Blue Calcite, Selenite,…

      Living room: any crystal, but best some crystals that will give you lots of energy to work such as Quartz, Agate, Carnelian, Kyanite, Septarian, Jasper,…

      In the end, let me remember you on the most important thing when it comes to crystals. Keep it simple and just listen to yourself and your feeling but most important of all, enjoy it, life is an amazing gift and life with crystals is even more magical.

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