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      How to handle returns

      - Consumers (natural persons) only.
      - In 14 days from receiving the products.
      - Send withdrawal notice to info@unicrystals.net, stating the reason for withdrawal.
      - Send the products in unchanged quality and quantity in their original packaging to ARMOUR STORITVE d.o.o., Gorenja vas pri Mirni 1, 8233 Mirna, Slovenia (EU).
      - Receive the paid amount in 14 days from our receipt of the returned products in unchanged quality and quantity. facilisis vel.

      Conclusion of Contract, Withdrawal from the Contract (Consumer’s Rights)

      The contract between the Provider and the User has been concluded as soon as the payment made by the User has been confirmed, and provided that it has not later been cancelled, denied or otherwise invalidated.

      Regardless of the provision of Paragraph 1 of this Point 5, Provider may, within 5 days after the confirmation of the payment, notify the User in writing that the Provider withdraws from the contract, stating the reason for the withdrawal. The reasons for Provider’s withdrawal shall include, but not be limited to, mistakes in prices, characteristics or quantity of the Products.

      The contract between Provider and User can be concluded in English language. Provider does not save the text of the contract and the User cannot access it.

      If a User who bought a Product on the Website has the status of a Consumer in accordance with the European Union legislation on consumer protection (i.e. buying Products for a household or family use), such User shall have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the date of receiving the ordered Products. The withdrawal can be made by sending an email to info@unicrystals.net, stating the reasons thereof.

      If the payment has been made by or in the name of a legal entity, even if the User is (designated as) a natural person, such User shall not be considered a Consumer.

      In case of withdrawal from the contract the Provider shall, within 14 days from receiving the User’s withdrawal notice, return the whole purchase amount to the User, provided however, that, in case the Products have already been sent to the User before the receipt of the withdrawal notice, the Provider has by then already received the Products returned by the User or a written proof that the User has dispatched the Products to the Provider’s address.

      In case of User’s withdrawal from the contract, the purchased Products must be sent to the following address: ARMOUR STORITVE d.o.o., Gorenja vas pri Mirni 1, 8233 Mirna, Slovenia (EU). The Products must be delivered to the Provider in unchanged quality and quantity, using the packaging in which they were received. The cost and risk of returning the Products to Provider shall be borne by the User.

      In case of User’s withdrawal from the contract and where the User has used the Products to the extent or in a manner that goes beyond what is strictly necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Products, any reduction in the value of Products shall be deducted from the amount to be returned by the Provider to the User.

      All returns of purchase amounts shall be made using the same payment method the User has used when paying for the Products on the Website. Any costs incurred by the payment provider shall be borne by the User.

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