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      Terms and Conditions

      1.  Application of Terms and Definitions

      These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter Terms) apply to all users of the Unicrystals (Website), which is owned, provided and managed by ARMOUR STORITVE d.o.o. (Provider).

      User shall mean any natural or legal person who visits the Website.

      By visiting the Website, the User agrees to be bound by the provisions of Terms.

      Certain parts or functionalities of the Website may be subject to additional terms or contractual provisions, which shall be clearly communicated to the User or marked appropriately.

      Collecting, processing and storing of Users’ personal and other data has been detailed in the Privacy Policy. Users can address any questions regarding their personal data to info@unicrystals.net.

      2.  Provider’s Data, Dispute Resolution

      The Provider and the seller (offeror) of products sold on the Website is ARMOUR STORITVE d.o.o., a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Slovenia (EU), with its registered seat at Gorenja vas pri Mirni 1, 8233 Mirna, Slovenia (EU).

      Other Provider’s data:

      • Registration number: 6995411000
      • Tax number: 25420984
      • Email address (for inquiries about the Website, orders, deliveries, payments, returns, etc.): info@unicrystals.net

      Provider does not employ the services of any provider of (alternative) dispute resolution for settling Users’ (consumers’) claims or disputes, and is not subject to any mechanism, program or scheme in this regard. Any Users’ claims (to be addressed by email to info@unicrystals.net) shall be dealt with by the Provider in a timely manner.

      3.  Website Use

      The Website may be used by persons over the age of 15. Any User under the age of 15 must obtain authorisation to use the Website by the respective holder of parental responsibility.

      The Website may only be used for its intended purpose and in accordance with these Terms and any other applicable terms or contractual provisions.

      User is prohibited from using the Website with the intent or direct or indirect effect of:

      • cheating, including, but not limited to, providing inaccurate or false personal and other data and information;
      • libeling, slandering, threatening or otherwise harassing Provider, other Users or third parties;
      • violating Provider’s or third parties’ copyright or any other intellectual property rights (Point 7);
      • causing damage to the Provider, other Users or third persons.

      In case of a violation of provisions of preceding Paragraphs of this Point 3, Provider may temporarily or permanently disable or limit User status or account, including, but not limited to, suspension or limitation of access to certain parts or functionalities of the Website.

      4.  Prices and Payments

      All the prices listed on the Website are inclusive of value added tax (VAT) and any other potential taxes. The prices listed on the Website may vary due to the location of the User. It is therefore possible that two different users be displayed different prices for the same product. For the same reason, some non-final prices may be displayed on the Website, however, those shall always clearly be marked as non-final or not including VAT or other taxes.

      The items offered on the Website (hereinafter Products) can be paid for by direct bank transfer to Provider’s bank account, by credit card (Mastercard or Visa only) or through PayPal. Any other payment (such as sending cash with regular or registered mail) shall be denied by the Provider and any such payment shall not give the User any title or right to Products.

      It is the sole responsibility of the User to keep safe and private the credit card data and/or the PayPal credentials and the Provider assumes no responsibility, liability or warranty in this regard. If you believe your credentials have been compromised, we advise you to contact your bank (the issuer of the credit card) or PayPal immediately. You can also send us an email to info@unicrystals.eu. If using direct bank transfer, make sure you enter the proper bank account number and other data as stated during order process and in the confirmation email. Provider assumes no liability for any mistakes you make when transferring the funds. If you transfer the funds to the wrong account, Provider is no capacity to help you.


      5.  Conclusion of Contract, Withdrawal from the Contract (Consumer’s Rights)

      The contract between the Provider and the User has been concluded as soon as the payment made by the User has been confirmed (or, in case of a direct bank transfer, when the funds have been received by Provider), and provided that it has not later been cancelled, denied or otherwise invalidated.

      Regardless of the provision of Paragraph 1 of this Point 5, Provider may, within 5 days after the confirmation of the payment (or, in case of a direct bank transfer, within 5 days of the receipt of the funds), notify the User in writing that the Provider withdraws from the contract, stating the reason for the withdrawal. The reasons for Provider’s withdrawal shall include, but not be limited to, mistakes in prices, characteristics or quantity of the Products.

      The contract between Provider and User can be concluded in English language. Provider does not save the text of the contract and the User cannot access it.

      If a User who bought a Product on the Website has the status of a Consumer in accordance with the European Union legislation on consumer protection (i.e. buying Products for a household or family use), such User shall have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the date of receiving the ordered Products. The withdrawal can be made by sending an email to info@unicrystals.net, stating the reasons thereof.

      If the payment has been made by or in the name of a legal entity, even if the User is (designated as) a natural person, such User shall not be considered a Consumer.

      In case of withdrawal from the contract the Provider shall, within 14 days from receiving the User’s withdrawal notice, return the whole purchase amount to the User, provided however, that, in case the Products have already been sent to the User before the receipt of the withdrawal notice, the Provider has by then already received the Products returned by the User or a written proof that the User has dispatched the Products to the Provider’s address.

      In case of User’s withdrawal from the contract, the purchased Products must be sent to the following address: ARMOUR STORITVE d.o.o., Gorenja vas pri Mirni 1, 8233 Mirna, Slovenia (EU). The Products must be delivered to the Provider in unchanged quality and quantity, using the packaging in which they were received. The cost and risk of returning the Products to Provider shall be borne by the User.

      In case of User’s withdrawal from the contract and where the User has used the Products to the extent or in a manner that goes beyond what is strictly necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Products, any reduction in the value of Products shall be deducted from the amount to be returned by the Provider to the User.

      All returns of purchase amounts shall be made using the same payment method the User has used when paying for the Products on the Website. Any costs incurred by the payment provider shall be borne by the User.


      6.  Delivery and Collection, Costs

      The Products shall be delivered to the address entered by the User when placing the purchase order on the Website. Provider shall not be responsible for any User’s mistakes when entering the address.

      The cost of delivery of the Products shall be designated when placing the purchase order on the Website.

      The dates of delivery indicated on the Website are estimates only. As delivery dates may be subject to conditions outside Provider’s influence, Provider assumes no warranty and no liability for the delivery within the specified dates.

      In case the purchased Products have not been collected by the User, and those Products have been returned to Provider, Provider shall, upon User’s request and payment of the costs of delivery, once again send the Products to the User’s address. Users shall not be entitled to claim the amount paid for the Products or to claim any kind of compensation. The provision of this Paragraph shall not affect the User’s right to withdraw from the contract in line with provisions of Point 5 of these Terms. However, non-collection of the Products without the withdrawal notice shall not be deemed as User’s withdrawal from the contract.

      7. Copyright and other Intellectual Property Rights

      Any and all data and information published on the Website, including any data and information that has been copied or otherwise transferred therefrom, with or without Provider’s consent or approval, regardless of its form (hereinafter Copyrighted Material), is and shall remain the copyright of Provider, and/or designated third parties. Copyrighted Material shall encompass the source code of all the computer programmes and applications enabling the functioning of the Website, as well as the structure and the contents of any and all the databases enabling the functioning of the Website or containing the data collected through the Website.

      In relation to the databases referred to in the preceding Paragraph of this Point 7, the Provider also enjoys the protection of the maker of the databases.

      With the exception of using the Website in line with their purpose, no Copyrighted Material may be copied, replicated, modified or amended, distributed, disseminated or made available, stored in electronic form, printed or used in any other way, for any purpose, without prior express written authorisation by Provider or respective copyright holder(s).

      Unycristals is a trademark (hereinafter Trademark) of Provider. Any other trademarks featured on the Website are the registered trademarks of their respective holders. The use of Trademark or any other trademarks without prior express written authorisation by Provider or their respective holder(s) is prohibited and may result in criminal and civil liability of the perpetrator.


      8.  Limitation of Liability, no Warranty – Website

      The Provider offers the Website and all the information contained on the Website on an as-is basis, without any express or implied warranty as to the accuracy, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, reliability, security, timeliness or freedom from computer viruses or any other harmful code in relation to such information.

      The Provider may at any time and without any compensation to Usera, stop providing, fully or in part, the Website and/or some of its parts and/or functionalities. Users should at all times keep a backup copy of their personal and other data.

      The Provider shall not be liable for any loss, destruction or damage rising from, or in connection with, the use of the Website, including, but not limited to, the loss or alteration of data.

      If for any reason the exclusion of Provider’s liability from preceding Paragraph of this Point 8 should be found or declared void or unlawful, Provider’s liability shall be limited to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.


      9.  Limitation of Liability, no Warranty – Products

      Use of the Products is at User’s sole risk. The Products are provided on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis. Provider expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

      Provider assumes no warranty that (i) the Products will meet User’s requirements or expectations, (ii) the Products will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free, (iii) the results that may be obtained from the use of the Products will be accurate or reliable, and (iv) the quality of Products will meet User’s expectations.

      The User expressly understands and agrees that the Provider shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses, resulting from or in connection with the use of the Products.

      Should the exclusions and limitations contained in the preceding Paragraphs of this Point 9 be declared void or inadmissible in certain jurisdictions, then those exclusions and limitations shall apply to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.


      10.  Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

      Any dispute between the Provider and the User arising from these Terms or from any additional applicable terms or contractual provisions or from the use of the Website by the User may be submitted to the courts in the Republic of Slovenia, which shall have exclusive jurisdiction over such matters.

      The legal relationship and any dispute between the User and the Provider shall be construed in accordance with, and governed by the laws of the Republic of Slovenia, to the exclusion of the provisions of private international law.

      Should the provision of legislation applicable to the User, based on their citizenship, place of residence or some other circumstances, provide for different (exclusive) jurisdiction and/or use of law, then such provision shall prevail over those stipulated in Paragraphs 2 and 3 of this Point  10.


      11.  Amendments of Terms

      The Terms may be amended from time to time, at Provider’s sole discretion and without prior notice. The Provider shall notify the Users of the amendment on the Website.

      By using the Website after the amendment of the Terms, the User acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the amended provisions.

      These Terms were first adopted and published on February 07, 2022.



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