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      The universe with Universe creates a new Universe.



      We have experienced the beneficial effects of crystals and their energy. As dedicated lovers to these beautiful energetic creatures and experts on their energetic impact, we have decided to support people in discovering the universe of crystals.

      LET US

      Larger crystals have a stronger impact on the environment, so we’ve focused on finding and supplying those bigger and more challenging to find pieces. At the same time, we have prepared a combination of smaller pieces, various elixirs, and decorative versions to enable anyone interested to feel these special energy effects, even if you don’t have enough space for bigger crystals. We wish to enable you to access the right crystals as easily as possible.

      This elegant and deep violet amethyst crystal in our room adds great aesthetic value in addition to creating wonderful supercharge.


      I was gifted a beautiful grand amethyst as a wedding present. I love how it looks but more importantly it radiates positivity and power and fills the room with a beautiful aura


      The selection of crystals is wide and crystals are always so overwhelming since they vibrate with such a special energy. Their intuitive consulting is also great and helps to choose the right crystal for what we need most to help us deal with our problems. Crystal like this is always good energetic support.


      As you can feel the power of crystal that calls you loudly so you can feel the person and his vibrant positive energy. I always decide to buy crystals from Gregor and Unicrystals teams selection because I trust them, and I always find exactly what I need in their selection.




      Crystals are part of our dear Mother Nature. To benefit from their energies in our home or business environments, they have been taken from their natural habitats. Let us be grateful for holding them and experience their energy on us and in our spaces and so give thanks to our Mother Earth.

      Connect with crystals

      + - What we do

      We wish you to experience and connect with crystals, your new energetic buddies, in an as pleasurable way as possible. That is why we aim to make your purchase as easy as possible and at the same time we share our knowledge to help you to connect with your new energetic buddies as much as possible. Share your experience as we would be happy to hear from you and improve with your feedback.


      We take good care of the crystals before they reach you as we love what we do and love it with whole our hearts. They are regularly cleansed and kept in a space of high vibration where they are constantly listening to high vibrational mantras. We store them with respect and love, with the wish that they find a home where they can bring positive energy to any one of you.


      Crystals come from nature and, even though we are blessed to experience their vibrations in our homes or offices, we are aware of and grateful for their origin. As we are grateful to Mother Earth for crystals, we constantly try to give back as much love and care as we can. We suggest that you too find your own way to show respect and gratitude to Mother Earth for what she gives to us, to you.


      We look after the Nature that provides us crystals. A part of the money from the purchase is given back to communities that are mining, gathering, and excavating crystals. At the same time, we reuse the materials for shipment by reusing the same materials in which crystals reached us. But since some crystals are fragile beings we sadly need to use plastic wrapping materials to protect them as much as we can while on their way to you. Our effort is to use as little plastic as possible and even the plastic we use is reused. If you have any suggestions for even more environmentally friendly shipping we are always happy to hear from you.

      Our team

      + - Tjaša

      For many years in my life, I have been exploring crystals and discovering their beneficial effects on all levels of life. All those experiences give me that positive push, to share them with others and to try my best that many crystals find their way to new homes where they can help and enlighten all involved. I work as a strategist for the digital appearance for many leading brands, for which I got many professional awards. I am now channeling my knowledge on the user experience of this online store, to achieve your maximum satisfaction.

      + - Grega

      I am a great lover and admirer of the crystal kingdom for over 30 years. At the age of 13, I became the youngest professional grinder of precious stones in cabochon technique and faceting, and later, in order to get to know them better, I studied geology. I am working with crystals, minerals, and precious stones as an expert and seller for over 20 years, with a mission that I enable as many people as possible to feel them and benefit from their energy. My biggest motivation for my life mission is experiencing that amazing feeling of joy when crystal heart meets human heart. During this time, I have traveled most of the world and established genuine contacts and relationships with people to ensure responsible first-hand purchasing of ethical crystals. I am also working in crystal therapy and providing individual advice on crystals for personal use and placement in space.

      + - Jaka

      I was feeling energies that have been invisible to naked eyes from when I can remember. That's why, the world of energies is kind of a constant to me, and is enriching my life and helping me fulfilling my life mission. To be able to do what fills my heart today, I can give great thanks to all experiences I received as the owner of ENKI, where we co-create conscious brands. In the last decade, we have been named the best web agency of the year in the country 6 times. All the knowledge I have gained throughout the years on my field and the knowledge I channel from the celestial level I direct through this online store to spread awareness of the beneficial effects of crystals to enrich people's lives as much as possible.

      + - Tomaž

      I am a big fan and lover of crystals, energies, mysticism, healing and above all helping and inspiring people for the greatest gift, that is life. Ever since I can remember, I have always been collecting stones and connecting with the energies all around, but I started my journey with crystals at the age of 9 and since then I have been improving in this and other areas related to energies and helping people (reiki, bioenergy, sound therapy, angel therapy,…). I am a certified crystal therapist and a certified angel guide and I am overjoyed to be able to help people in different areas of their lives with my diverse knowledge, which I am constantly updating. I also feel happy to be able to share all this knowledge through this online store and advice people that would want to start the journey in the crystal world.

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