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      Crystals as energetic beings same as humans or spaces pick up bad vibrations or energy stains.  That is why cleansing is important. You are cleansing yourself daily, cleaning your work or home space when you feel it is necessary, it is the same with your energetic buddies (crystals), they need cleansing too. In this short blog, we are going to introduce you to crystal cleansing and guide you through some cleansing techniques that you can use on your crystal family.

      What is crystal cleansing:

      Crystal cleansing is a method of clearing crystals of old energy or unwanted vibrations that accumulate with time. With cleansing, we remove that unwanted energy or vibrations and enable the crystal to shine with its primary vibration and to connect with us more easily.

      When to cleanse your crystals and when crystals pick up vibrations and energies:

      Crystals are energetic beings and each has its own unique vibration. If the crystal is clean it is going to vibrate with that unique vibration that has its benefits on the space that surrounds the crystal or person that carries that crystal. But as all energetic beings, crystals too can absorb vibrations and energies from spaces or other energetic beings. That is why when the crystal is exposed to bad vibrations either from space or from another person, we need to cleanse it in order to enable its primary energy to have greater benefits on us and our surroundings. So what are the situations when crystals absorb vibrations that need to be cleansed? We need to cleanse crystals when:

      • We use it for therapeutical purposes (after each therapy),
      • When another person touches our crystal,
      • If we are carrying a crystal and are exposed to great emotional distress (arguing, hatred,…),
      • When we are ill,
      • If exposed to radiation for too long (if we keep our crystal near a TV, Wifi,… for too long).

      Besides those few situations that are listed above, we need to cleanse our crystal on regular basis. If we are carrying crystal daily we need to cleanse it at least once per week. When we are ill, we need and we are carrying crystal with us the whole day we need to cleanse it every day. Crystals that are stationed in rooms need to be cleansed at least once per month or once per week if many different people visit that room. For personal crystals you will when you establish a good connection with that crystals feel when crystals need to be cleansed. In other words, crystals will feel different and you will know you need to cleanse them.

      How to cleanse your crystals:

      There are different techniques for cleansing crystals. All are equally efficient so you can choose any of them. The only thing you need to take into consideration is the fact that for some crystals (water-soluble ones) you can not use the water method, so you choose any other one.

      Water crystal cleansing:

      Cleansing your crystal with water is one of the basic techniques for crystal cleansing. You can do this in two ways. Firstly you can use tap water. You pick your crystal in your hand and open tap water and allow the water to slowly flow over your crystal. Leave it flowing for a few moments from 3 to 9 minutes. Remember to always go cleanse your crystal with clear intention inside you that you want to cleanse it. Secondly, you can find natural water streams and cleanse your crystals there. With a natural stream, hold the crystal in your hand and submerge it into the stream for the same amount of time as with tap water. Do not cleanse with this method if the crystal is water-soluble or is sensitive to water.

      You can also place crystals outside when it rains to cleanse them.

      Incense crystal cleansing/smudging:

      With this method, you cleanse your crystal with smoke from incense. This method is called smudging. Light up the incense of your choice so the smoke starts to come out of it and then slowly move crystal through the smoke. Let the smoke flow over the crystal for a few moments up to one minute. The best incenses for cleansing crystals are Palo Santo and White Sage, but you can choose any you prefer. When buying Palo Santo and White Sage always make sure you buy them from a sustainable source.

      This method is also very useful if you have large heavy crystals in your space and it is hard to move them. In this case, you smudge your crystal like this: burn your incense and then blow the smoke over the crystal or use the feather fan to direct it on the crystal.

      Sound crystal cleansing:

      You can also cleanse your crystals by using sounds such as singing bowls, gongs, special tuning forks, and crystal bowls. You do this by playing this sound loud enough and close to the crystal with a strong intention to clear it. You use the sound for 3 to 9 minutes to cleanse crystals.

      Sunlight crystal cleansing:

      You can also cleanse your crystals with the sun. Place a crystal on the sun for a good hour to cleanse it. Be careful to not put crystals that are sensitive to sunlight on sunlight, since they may lose color.

      Magical crystal held during golden hour. Stones for chakras, witchcraft, ritual tools, cleansing, all that good stuffs.

      Cleansing with other crystals:

      There are some crystals that can cleanse your crystals if put on them. For example, you can put your crystal on a programmed selenite plate to cleanse it. You can also use a bowl of small carnelians and put your crystal in that bowl on carnelians to cleanse it. And last, you can use a geode of programmed quartz to cleanse small crystals that fit in the geode.

      Mental crystal cleansing:

      This is an advanced method for cleansing crystals and it takes a bit of practice to do it properly. First of all, for this method, you need to be in a calm and relaxed mood to be able to do it. Grab a crystal in your left hand and close your eyes, relax. Now imagine how energy from crystal flows down from crystal to earth, directly to the center of the earth. When it reaches the center there you see a big crystal around which the energy of your crystal goes. When the energy o your crystal connects with the core of the earth, golden light starts to go up towards your crystal and slowly fills it. When the crystal is filled with golden light and is sparkling bright then the crystal is cleansed. You can use this technique for multiple crystals at once when you are confident enough at it.

      Precautions with crystal cleansing:

      Precautions are mostly for the water method. Always make sure you do not cleanse crystals with water that are sensitive to water or water-soluble. That is why is good to learn about specifics about the crystal you are going to cleanse. If you are not sure, always use the smudging method.

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