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      Trust your intuition.

      Crystals as energetic beings same as humans or spaces pick up bad vibrations or energy stains.  That is why cleansing is important. You are cleansing yourself daily, cleaning your work or home space when you feel it is necessary, it is the same with your energetic buddies (crystals), they need cleansing too. In this short blog, we are going to introduce you to crystal cleansing and guide you through some cleansing techniques that you can use on your crystal family.

      What does it mean to charge your crystals?

      Charging your crystals means you charge them with fresh energy and allow their own frequency to radiate more. Crystals have their own frequency and they always radiate in that frequency. But when crystals absorb some other energies from the space or from us or other people their primary energy can be disrupted and they need to be cleansed to allow their original energy to shine again. But sometimes some crystals need a little bit of boost (charging) to be able to again share all their potential.

      Crystal cleansing is a method of clearing crystals of old energy or unwanted vibrations that accumulate with time. With cleansing, we remove that unwanted energy or vibrations and enable the crystal to shine with its primary vibration and to connect with us more easily.

      How do I know my crystal need charging?

      When comes to charging crystals it is all about feeling when a crystal needs a charging session. When we regularly work with crystals we will become aware that crystal doesn’t feel the same as usual. So when working crystal feels different then you know it is time for cleansing. And if after cleansing crystal still doesn’t fully feel the same, then you know it is time for charging.



      Methods for charging crystals:

      Charging crystal with sound

      You can reactivate your crystal’s full energy with sound. Use therapeutical instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, special tuning forks, shamanic drums, …

      Charge your crystal on moonlight

      You can charge your crystals in a way that you put them on the soil during the full moon for a few hours or during the night. When using this method make sure you are using it for crystals that like the energy of the moon. For example, all crystals that are more of fire element won’t like the energy of the moon.

      Feel your crystal.

      Charge your crystal with burying them in the soil

      You can charge and cleanse your crystals at once if you put them in their home, so the soil. Crystals come from the ground and the love if they can be in the ground again. So dig a small hole in the soil and then put crystals inside. Remember to mark where you buried your crystals. Leave the crystal in the soil for a few days (one week).

      Charging your crystal with visualization

      This is a bit more advanced technique, but it can still be done by everyone if you practice it. So this is how you do it:

      • Take cleansed crystal in your right palm and cover it with the left palm
      • Now close your eyes and imagine how golden light is coming from the earth and from the universe and filling the crystal
      • Keep imagining the light for a few moments until you feel your crystal is shining again
      • Give thanks for the charging after you end the process

      Charging crystals on sacred spaces or sacred sites

      You can also charge your crystals if you take them to sacred ceremonies, to sacred energy spaces all over the world (there are energetic points all over the world so try to find your local ones). If you want to charge your crystal with this method, always remember to cleanse the crystal before you take it to the sacred site.

      Choose the method that suits you and your crystal buddies the most and enjoy the fresh energy your crystal buddy will gain.

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