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      Crystal elixir water

      We all know that we can use crystals as jewelry, pocket stones, therapy stones, holding them, meditating with them, but do you know you can experience them too by drinking crystal elixir water? Yes, crystals can be used to make crystal elixir water and you can enjoy crystal benefits in that way too. Besides crystal elixirs, we also know crystal essences. Both of those methods are ways you ingest (in this case drink) prepared liquid substance and allow crystals to heal from inside out. In the text below you will be introduced to the method of making crystal elixir water for your daily usage.

      What is crystal elixir water?

      Crystal elixir water is water that is infused with crystal energies and that so carries all the properties of crystals that were used to create that elixir water. So each individual crystal gives energy to the water and then when we drink that water, we get to experience the benefits of that energy.

      What are the benefits of crystal elixir water?

      The benefits of crystal elixir water depend on which crystals we use to make that crystal elixir. But we can talk about general benefits that come from the basic crystals that are used to make it. So basic benefits of crystal elixir water are:

      • Helps to increase water absorption,
      • Good forr imune system,
      • Cleanses the water you drink,
      • Gives you energy,
      • Helps to lower stress.

      Which crystals to use for crystal elixir water?

      It depends on what positive effects do you want. But here is the basic set of crystals that are used for crystal elixir water:

      • Quartz,
      • Amethyst,
      • Rose quartz,
      • Citrine,
      • Calcite.

      For crystal elixir always have quartz crystal inside then add crystals which properties you need. But only add crystals that are suitable for crystal elixirs since some crystals are not to be used directly in water since they contain heavy metals or any other substances that are not good for the body. Before you add any other crystal than basics to your crystal elixir set, always look up if this crystal can be used in elixirs. But for general purposes and many healing benefits, a basic crystal set will do.

      How to prepare crystal elixir water step by step:

      Step 1.

      Energetically cleanse and charge your crystals.

      Step 2.

      Put crystals in the pot with water and boil this water for at least 5 minutes. This step will eliminate any bacteria that could accumulate on crystals before they got to you.

      Step 3.

      Take crystals out of the water and let them cool a bit.

      Step 4.

      Put crystals in a glass or porcelain jar and add water (best if you use spring water, but you can use tap water too if it is drinkable in your country). Cover the jar with the lid or something else so nothing will fall in the water. Never put crystals in a plastic jar or bottle!

      Step 5.

      Leave crystals in the water for 8 to 12 hours. Best if you prepare crystal elixir water before you go to sleep and when you wake up you can drink it throughout the day.

      Step 6.

      If you don’t drink all the water you have prepared, use that water for watering flowers (they will love it) and always put fresh water on crystals for the next day.


      Once a month it is good if you repeat all the steps otherwise it is ok if you just pour fresh water over crystals. Enjoy water that is alive and boosted with crystal energies throughout the day.

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