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      Crystals and sacred geometry

      What is sacred geometry?

      »A pure expression of numbers and form, it is the language of the creation and navigates the unseen dimensions beyond our three-dimensional reality« Jemma Foster, Sacred Geometry

      Sacred geometry is patterns and shapes that construct everything we see. From how the rose flower grows to how the orbit of venus looks like, all is sacred geometry. If you like to know more about sacred geometry that is not connected with crystals there are a lot of great books on this topic.

      How is sacred geometry connected to crystals?

      Since crystals are part of the creation they have patterns of sacred geometry inside too. Different shapes of crystals represent the vibration of those sacred geometry patterns. Some are formed in those special shapes naturally, some are polished and shaped in those shapes afterward. Crystals are mostly shaped in the shapes of platonic solids. Platonic solids are all shapes that create all the physical world we can see. Platonic solids are the tetrahedron (or pyramid), cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron. So crystals shaped in those shapes then have vibration enriched by the vibration of that shape and can be used for working on ourselves in different ways.

      How to use sacred geometry with crystals?

      You can use sacred geometry with crystals in two main ways. Firstly you can use a crystal that is shaped in one of the shapes of the platonic solids. You use that crystal in meditation and you meditate on that shape. Secondly, you can put different crystals in the shape of that sacred geometry and energetically connect them. This is called making a crystal grid. You can also wear crystals in that shapes as jewelry.

      What is the effect of crystal sacred geometry?

      If you are working with sacred geometry in crystal form you can go much deeper in meditations, you can access Akashic records, you can more easily communicate with your spiritual guides,.. benefits are limitless, and up to you how you will work with crystal that is in the shape of sacred geometry.

      Can all crystals be used with sacred geometry?

      Yes, any crystal can be either shaped in form of sacred geometry or placed in a sacred geometry grid. Mostly quartz variations of crystals, agates, obsidians, and jaspers are used to make shaped sacred geometry crystals, but any crystal can be used. And even more for making a grid, you can use absolutely any crystal you wish even the most delicate and fragile ones.


      In the end, all it counts is that if you feel called to crystals and sacred geometry you try it and feel it by yourself. You can’t do anything wrong, just listen to yourself and your intuition. And enjoy!


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