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      Crystals and shapes

      Shapes of Crystals

      We know different shapes of crystals and each shape adds a little bit to the original frequency of that crystal. We are going to shortly present you a few of that shapes in this blog.

      The sphere shape of the crystal

      The sphere shape forces the crystal energy to be in constant flow and to be emitted in all directions evenly. Spheres energy is nurturing and very mistic and has been used throughout history for many purposes of one which is scrying. Sphere shape adds harmonious vibration to the crystal and that feeling of wholeness.

      Spheres can be used for many purposes. You can put it in a center of a crystal grid to evenly emit the intention energy, you can use it for scrying, you can use it for crystal massage, or meditate with it …

      The point/obelisk/tower shape of the crystal

      Crystal towers can have different numbers of sides, from 4 up to 8 or even more. They can occur naturally (quartz) or they can be polished in that shape. This shape emits energy upwards through the point out. This crystal shape adds stability, calmness, and focus to the basic crystal energy from which this shape is made.

      Towers can be used for crystal grids as the center point to focus intention energy; they can be used to create vortex energy; used in meditation helps to unblock energy and create a flow.

      The egg shape of the crystal

      This shape has a similar effect as the sphere since it forces the energy of the crystal to be emitted equally to all sides but a bit more at the focal point on the top of the egg. Egg shape represents fertility, abundance, transformation, and a fresh start. The egg shape adds a transformative effect to the original crystal energy.

      Eggs can be used for women’s reproductive organs’ health (Yoni eggs), they can be used as a feng shui enhancer for abundance, and they can be used for massage and for meditation.

      The wand shape of the crystal

      Crystal wands have many shapes and sizes and can be one-sided or both-sided, some are naturally formed and some are polished in that shape. Crystal wands direct energy on either one side or both sides.

      Wands are mostly used to direct the energy (during crystal therapy), for activating crystals, and for connecting them in crystal grids.

      The pyramid shape of the crystal

      One of the most historically common shapes is a pyramid and can be found throughout human history in all cultures. It has a much different spiritual meaning, depending on the culture, but mostly the pyramid shape of crystal draws the energy from the universe and disperse it on earth. Pyramids are good for manifestation and grounding spiritual energy.

      The pyramid shape can be used as the center piece for crystal grids to ground universal energy, they can be used in feng shui for manifestation and in meditations.

      Cluster shape of the crystal

      A cluster is a naturally occurring shape of crystals. This is a set of crystals that grow together in a group. Cluster emits energy in all directions. They charge and cleanse other crystals.

      Crystal clusters are the best crystals for big spaces, they are used for cleansing and charging other crystals and for meditations even group meditations.

      The square shape of the crystal

      The square shape of the crystal enhances the crystal energy and makes it very grounding. It helps to connect with the earth and ground our energy. The square shape also adds the protective aspect of energy to the crystal.

      Square crystals are used for grounding, for protecting spaces (one square put in each corner), and in meditations for a deeper connection with the earth.

      When you are connecting with the crystals you can after a while start to experiment with different shapes and see what shapes work best for you. Try and enjoy the different aspects of energy that are added by the shape of the crystal.


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