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      Crystals for Gemini

      Gemini Crystals

      Calm your mind with the right crystals

      Each zodiac sign has a crystal that enhances its qualities. It is like a kind of lucky stone. Each of the crystals has its structure and therefore its energetic vibration, which can have a very favorable effect on the balance. This time we will introduce you to the crystals that bring good luck to the Gemini.

      GEMINI (May 21 to June 20)

      The typical Gemini is very communicative and always rushing somewhere. Their daily routine is dynamic and full of different things to do. These are people who dislike solitude and passivity, so it’ll be hard to find a true Gemini at peace. This is a sign of contact and connection with people. They are characterized by speed of thought and action and the absence of established habits, norms, and rules. They are interested in everything, quick to learn, and imaginative. They are good at talking but not at listening. They are sometimes distracted and lose objectivity. Their motto is “I am learning”. They are also very playful and fun and prefer to go with the flow rather than planned activities.


      Agate is a protective crystal that intensifies the connection to the Earth (stable earth crystal). It establishes the balance of yin and yang, balancing positive and negative energy. It is particularly suitable for people who are subjected to many challenges, physical or mental, and people who need to gather a lot of strength and energy at once. It is a recommended crystal for support during difficult periods in life and for starting new paths. Many ancient civilisations regarded it as a stone of good luck and protection.

      It brings health, vitality, self-reliance, great energy, youthful appearance, and long life.


      A magical-looking Apatite is a motivational stone that helps us to get rid of doubts. It increases self-confidence and openness and encourages us to have a positive outlook on the world. It will help you to understand your inner self and bring balance to your mental, physical and emotional body. It helps to overcome feelings of not being present in the outside world and of being closed in your thoughts. And it will help you to eliminate unwanted behavioral patterns that you are so desperate to get rid of, such as addictions, general sadness, anger, and emotional exhaustion. 

      Elixir collection for Gemini

      For Gemini, who is known for being in a constant rush, the PEACE Elixir Set is recommended to help them calm their minds and take a moment to look inwards.


      Special offer of unique crystals that can enrich your life.

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