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      Crystals in Meditation

      We can connect with crystals in many ways. We connect with crystals when we wear them when we touch them when we look at them in and most effectively when we meditate with them. In this blog, we are going to talk a bit about crystals in meditation.

      Can we use crystals in any meditations?

      Yes even though crystal meditation is a special type of meditation you can use crystals in any meditation you prefer. What you need to do to incorporate crystal in the meditation of your choice is to hold crystal or crystals in your hands and do your meditation practice.

      What are the benefits of crystal elixir water?

      Effects of crystals in meditations depend on which crystals we are using but the general effects of incorporating crystals in our meditations are:

      • We are able to relax more,
      • We are able to enter deeper states of consciousness,
      • We can direct energy more effective,
      • We can easier enter the higher energy realms,
      • We can focus more easily ( if you are doing focus meditation),
      • Visualization skills are enhanced.

      Additional benefits from meditating with crystals vary depending on what crystal we use.

      Basic crystal meditation for relaxation instructions:

      1. Find yourself a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed.
      2. Sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight.
      3. Take your crystal in your hand or hands.
      4. Close your eyes and switch on your deep breathing.
      5. Breathe in and out deeply 3 times.
      6. Now concentrate on your body, how you are feeling. Go and scan your body from the top of the head to the toes.
      7. When you finish scanning your body and you now feel yourself then direct your attention to the crystal you are holding.
      8. Slowly start to feel how crystal is pulsating in your hand.
      9. Now start to imagine that golden light comes out from the crystal into your arm and slowly spreads towards your heart and from your heart to the whole body.
      10. Feel the warmth and the joy when you are entirely in the golden light.
      11. Enjoy the light and relax.
      12. After you had enough (it could be 5 minutes or up to 1h, depending on how much time you want to spend meditating) you slowly start to direct your attention to yourself again.
      13. Quickly scan your body again and see how you feel now.
      14. Then after a while slowly open your eyes and thank the crystal for the energy.

      Is there a specific time you need to do crystal meditation?

      No, you can do crystal meditation at any part of the day. Just make sure you will be using relaxing crystals if you are doing crystal meditation before bed since you don’t want an energy boost before going to sleep.

      Experiment with different crystals and feel the difference in their effects on you. Relax and have fun!

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